Friday, 30 December 2022

Under Construction!

Just to inform that previous posts have been deleted for no reason 😜 This blog will undergo construction for rebranding purposes. As currently I am employed and have some free time, I decided to do some modifications to my existing blog. Such modifications are including template design, transforming the domain and whatnots.

But... you know what guys? I am really really really bad in doing so. Hahahaa.

So, if any of you have incredible solutions to my problem... just let me know, okay? To be honest, I would like to modify the blog by myself. Unfortunately, I could not recall all the tips and tricks that I had learned before. Shame on my laziness in blogging.

A moment ago, I tried to change the design template. As you all failed!

Ughhh 😖

And now, I could not restore the old design even though I already made a backup. I do not know how it could be like that. My stress level is rocketing right now. Pity me. Should I invest some money in upgrading the blog? Or should not? What do you guys think? All I want is just a neat, nice-looking blog. That is it! 


It took me a lot of time to be active again in blogging. Hopefully, I will be consistent in creating new interesting posts in the future. Wish me luck guys!


  1. ok je. dulu blog ni nak komen tak boleh, nasib dah boleh komen

    1. oh yeke? patut lah tak masuk notification kat gmail


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